Leverage AI to make smart renewable energy investments

Your one-stop solution for streamlined portfolio management. Technical and financial data from various technologies are aggregated with weather and energy market data – facilitating fast financial reporting and strategic portfolio growth.

Empowered with actionable insights from a comprehensive source of truth, you can confidently identify the next move and benchmark your portfolio.

Efficiently predict financial viability and monitor portfolio health

Optimise team resources

No more time lost collecting and double-checking data to repeatedly update Excel sheets. Now your team will have more capacity for your zone of genius – capital allocation, risk assessment, and portfolio diversification – without needing to bring on more people.

Make informed investment decisions

Eliminate discrepancies and analyse asset performance on a modern, secure cloud platform. Our software provides reliable insights for data-driven decisions on the portfolio level. With streamlined, transparent reporting, defining and meeting your KPIs is much more manageable.

Mitigate risk and grow portfolio

Understand potential impacts of rising interest rates and severe events to prevent losses, improve portfolio health, and plan future renewable energy asset acquisition.

Get more from your portfolio with best-in-class data analytics

Optimise existing asset performance while enabling future growth

Access a single source of truth inside a web interface

Work with consistent, trustworthy, and accurate financial and technical data across your entire renewable energy investment portfolio.

Spot challenges and minimise costs

Immediately see production losses and underperformance so you can reduce technical risks and trigger an investigation through your service partner. The result? Fewer operational costs, and higher energy output.

Track your global portfolio performance in seconds

Stay up-to-date on worldwide asset performance with feedback inside an intuitive dashboard.

Receive expert insights and guidance

Feel supported every step of the way by industry experts with decades of experience in tech, finance, and renewable energy.

Harmonise your data and simplify portfolio management
Our software enables you to …

How to get
on board

Our business experts will guide you through how to utilise our portfolio
management software for your individual project needs. We will support you every step of the way to ensure you can navigate the platform and harness the data insights to your advantage.


After verifying your assets, we will define the transfer strategy for financial and technical data and prepare the project plan together.

Data integration

Then you will set up your portfolio on the platformand our technical team will build relevant machine learning models.


Confirm that daily data transfer and analytics are operating smoothly and add more team members to your account.

Ongoing support

Now that your portfolio is up and running, one of our domain experts will bring you up to speed on everything you can do on the platform and set recurring meetings for feedback and data source availability.

Our pricing model – plannable and transparent

Software license
Based on your portfolio size (MW) not the number of user accounts

Continual service
Monthly check-ins to ensure optimal performance and data flow

Yearly fee
No extra costs during the entire term

Asset implementation
Based on your current system and interface landscape

One-time fee

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