Scale your renewable energy investment portfolio with comprehensive data insights

Ampero enables smart decision-making for your renewable energy investments by leveraging vast financial and technical datasets, AI capabilities, and industry expertise.

Optimise your investment workflow and grow your portfolio with automated data collection and comprehensive analytics.

Maximise returns and secure long-term success from your wind and solar assets

Our portfolio management software aggregates all the information you need to make efficient, informed decisions for your global portfolio inside a single secure platform. Created by renewable energy experts, data scientists, and engineers at Ampero, a subsidiary of the world-leading provider of renewable energy solutions BayWa r.e., our software is your one-stop solution to navigate the renewable energy sector with ease.

Grow your portfolio
with confidence

Manage your portfolio

Put an end to juggling multiple data sources and Excel sheets thanks to streamlined data collection and analysis.

Access actionable insights in near real-time

Stay on top of your investments and make smart decisions based on reliable, up-to-date data and comprehensive analytics.

Move forward with support from industry experts

Improve portfolio performance thanks to our client advisory team with decades of experience in the renewable energy industry.

Learn how our portfolio management software can help you mitigate risk wisely and increase returns on your renewable energy investments.

FinTech in­ ­renewable energy

As the software company of BayWa r.e., we are on a mission to maximise the impact of renewable energy investments and pave the way towards a sustainable tomorrow. Backed by our strong network and expertise in the renewable energy and software industries, Ampero is an indispensable partner to financial investors around the world.

Robust security measures ensure data safety

Keeping your sensitive business data secure is of utmost importance to us. Developed with our business partners SAP and AWS, our AI platform harnesses cutting-edge technology to protect your information.

Data security is prioritised at every step: With servers located in Germany, secure data transfer, encrypted storage, stringent access controls through SSO, and robust data loss protection measures, your data is safeguarded from start to finish.

Reclaim your workday and improve portfolio health

Speak with an expert to see how we help you to make your investment workflows more efficient.

Join others making smarter renewable energy investments with our software.

How to invest smarter in renewables?