Meet us at WindEurope 2024 in Bilbao

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Join us this March 20-22nd in Bilbao, Spain, for WindEurope’s Annual Event 2024 – the forefront of renewable energy innovation. As pioneers in AI-driven portfolio management for the renewable sector, we’re looking forward to connecting with professionals who are as passionate about the future of wind energy as we are. Discover the future of wind energy investments with Ampero’s cutting-edge solution.

20. – 22. March 2024

Opening hours
9.00-18.00 | Wednesday & Thursday
9.00-16.00 | Friday

Bilbao Exhibition Centre
Azkue Kalea, 1 (North Entrance)
48902 Barakaldo

BayWa r.e. | Hall 3 | Stand 3-E110

Why visit Ampero at WindEurope 2024?


This year at WindEurope 2024, we’re excited to officially introduce our portfolio management solution:

Ampero is your one-stop solution for efficient management of your renewable energy investment portfolio. With aggregated financial and technical data, you have the comprehensive analytics necessary to effectively protect and scale your portfolio. Experience firsthand how our integrated analytics can transform your investment strategy.


Dive deeper into the world of RE investments with our team of specialists. At WindEurope 2024, you’ll have the unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with the team behind Ampero’s leading-edge technology.

Additionally, attend the WindEurope conference and have a look at our Poster Presentation to gain valuable knowledge on leveraging AI to revolutionise energy investment strategies.

Personalised Meetings

We understand the complexities of managing a diverse, global portfolio. Meet us at Stand 3-E110 for discussions on enhancing transparency, reducing manual workload, mitigating risks and driving portfolio growth and efficiency.

Discover how our platform addresses your specific needs, from comprehensive portfolio management to supporting your growth strategy, and ensuring constant, trustworthy reporting.

Key takeaways from the Ampero team

Philipp Joas
Managing Director

It was a pleasure to see the faces behind the industry. The synergy among all these visionary minds propels the sector forward, fostering shared knowledge. Collaborations with other companies amplify advancements, driving greater achievements in wind energy.

Advancements in wind power, including more efficient turbines and enhanced monitoring systems, underscore its potential to meet global energy demands and address environmental challenges. This progress highlights wind energy’s role in creating a more sustainable future through ongoing technological innovation and innovative business approaches.

Martin Kornemann
Head of Technical Assets

Verena Seidl
Senior Sales Manager

It was very inspiring to see the investors’ ambitious growth goals for the coming years. It reflects a deep commitment to the renewable energy technology and further developments, highlighting the need for innovation in this industry to achieve these goals.

Setting these ambitious goals comes with the challenge of increased complexity when scaling portfolios, indicating a need for a holistic view of the portfolio. It also became clear that risk management is of great importance to investors.

Mario Gerwien
Senior Sales Manager

Sabrina Hörmann
Marketing Manager

I was impressed by the international diversity of participants and exhibitors and the wide range of topics covered. This diversity enriched the interesting discussions that were held on topics such as the transformation of the industry towards digitalisation and the need for innovative software to manage growth.

WindEurope Conference | Poster Presentation & Recording

Portfolio Optimization for Renewable Energy Assets

In the rapidly evolving landscape of renewable energy investment, portfolio optimization has started to emerge as a critical tool for investors. As the renewable sector diversifies and more capital is being deployed, incorporating wind, solar, and other renewable assets, constructing a portfolio that aligns with investor objectives becomes more complex. Thus, we introduce a methodology for portfolio optimization focusing on renewable energy assets. The method incorporates algorithmic strategies to allocate assets in a portfolio based on specific investor objectives, such as achieving the best risk-return ratio or cashflow stability. This framework enables What-If Analysis, allowing investors to perform comprehensive scenario planning to mitigate risk from market and planning uncertainties. The methodology effectively addresses common issues such as disjointed linkage between asset performance and financial metrics, lengthy analytics processes, and lack of scenario planning capabilities.