Renewable Energy Revenues Summit

22 – 23 May 2024, London

Meet the AI-based software solution to optimise portfolio growth

by managing your portfolio in the most efficient way.

Interest in renewable energy is increasing, and investments in this sector show promise. However, one challenge often impedes the achievement of growth targets: the complexity of managing large portfolios.

To minimise risk, diversification across different asset classes and regions is essential. Given the significant differences in the average megawatt output of these plants, a strategy that includes both large and smaller projects is crucial. However, this not only leverages the different benefits of each project type, but also increases the complexity of portfolio management, requiring investors to navigate a more complex landscape in order to optimise returns and minimise risk. This means that investors need to manage a large number of different assets in order to achieve the desired growth in their portfolios. This requirement presents investors with several hurdles, both in terms of operations and strategic decisions.

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Average plant size photovoltaic


Average plant size onshore wind


Average plant size offshore wind

Current challenges in managing a diverse and complex renewable energy portfolio:

High manual workload
Team resources are required to collect, review and process the data. The more assets are added, the more limited team resources are required.

Lack of transparency
Many different data sources, different asset classes and asset management systems bear the risk that investment decisions are based on incorrect or incomplete information.

Missing, inconclusive or unreliable analyses
Need for consistent financial risk and tech performance evaluation due to changing market factors.

How to leverage digital tools for efficient portfolio management?
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The solution: One holistic dashboard and best-in-class data analytics with Ampero

Improve efficiency of team resources

A single holistic dashboard delivers all the financial and technical data of your portfolio, enhanced with AI capabilities. Easily identify issues and monitor portfolio health without any manual workload and regardless of the number of assets

Make strategic data-based investment decisions

Ampero provides you with the analyses and reports you need to make informed strategic decisions. Based on comprehensive and high-quality data, you will know exactly how your investments are performing — from the portfolio view to the SPV level.

Mitigate risk and grow portfolio

In-depth analyses of performance and profitability, enhanced with insights from third-party data, let you understand root causes and correlations. Identify potential risks and hidden opportunities for higher returns.

Panel Discussion

The Role of Technology in Managing Large Renewable Portfolios

   22 May 2024                  12:10 – 12:50

  • What are some of the challenges an increasingly large and complex portfolio of assets pose?
  • How are technological advancements shaping the sector and creating new opportunities?
  • Which digital tools and platforms are making the biggest impact on performance optimisation in large renewable portfolios?
  • How are asset owners scaling up and professionalising teams to meet new challenges?

Meet the Ampero team

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Managing Director

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Head of Client Advisory

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Senior Sales Manager