IRIS data analytics

Smarter data analytics help renewable energy investors make the right decisions


The advanced performance reporting

With Iris you get Due Diligence Reports - Performance Reports for solar parks and Status Reports for wind farms - as well as Potential Analysis.

Iris provides you with standardized annual reports, technical analyses before an asset is bought or sold as well as information why an asset does not meet your expectations.

Time specific analysis; Transparent & straightforward pricing; Analysis of all transmitted SCADA data; Full report delivered within a few days

Access to high-quality information lets you make better investment decisions. Iris builds on the powerful cloud-based IoT and AI capabilities of our Aristoteles tool to give you that information. Read more about the tool of choice for tomorrow's green investment leaders.

DD/Status Report

Our Due Diligence / Status Report provides full transparency about the technical conditions and performance of wind farms. This Iris report is the perfect basis for successful M&A processes for investors, sellers, financing banks, consultants, rating agencies and other stakeholders.

DD/Performance Report

Our Due Diligence / Performance Report is tailored to the requirements of solar parks. A data-driven analysis will provide comprehensive insight into technical and meteorological conditions, whether it's a small solar plant or a large solar park. In addition, the analysis identifies potential opportunities for better returns.

Potential Analysis

With the Iris Potential Analysis you get a report about the potential of wind farms, including the potential for increased returns.

Benefit from the following insights

Executive Summary

Detailed executive summaries provide informed conclusions and, combined with expert recommendations, improve your assets' performance.

Health Status Indicator (HSI)

View the status of individual components and KPIs within every single asset and unit. A clear traffic light warning system lets you easily spot when it’s time to act.

Energy Production Insights

See the comparison between energy production and the expected budget for a period and get statements about yield losses.

Performance Analytics

Based on the transmitted asset data, Iris calculates all performance-relevant KPIs and presents them transparently.

Meteorological Analysis

See precisely how weather conditions affect your renewable asset. Iris evaluates the associated meteorological parameters and gives an insight into the possible inefficiency of each unit.

Temperature Analytics

Iris identifies potential damage through complex temperature analyses of the major components. Fast action can avoid greater damage and reduce repair costs. 

Data Availability

Better data drives better decisions. That's why all provided data are checked for completeness and quality. Because it is the basis of all our analysis and assessments, we work to the highest standards of data quality and structure. With this we ensure you get the full story.

Leading through data and expertise

A better standard of data analytics can give your investment strategy a serious competitive advantage. Partner with the experts in the renewable energy sector and find out how your assets are performing down to the finest details.

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