Actively manage your portfolio and identify the potential of your investments


Insights into your portfolios' true potential

One dashboard provides access to financial and technical data for a variety of renewable asset classes.
Ensure the best return on your investment - in the simplest and most reliable way possible.

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Protect your investments

Spot challenges before they become problems

Aristoteles uses predictive analytics for technical components, estimates the cashflow development and anticipates covenant breaches, among others. Thus, it gives you a reliable perspective on current and foreseeable developments, challenges and potential risks.

As a result, you minimise the risks of your investment and turn it more profitable than ever.

Maximise your returns

Take the performance of your global investment portfolio to the next level with actionable insights

Aristoteles collects all relevant information of the technical and financial performance in near real time and provides precise dashboards in an intuitive format. With data modelling and benchmarking capabilities Aristoteles helps to easily spot performance potentials and opportunities for optimisation.

Aristoteles works at a level of precision and clarity that allows you to easily identify potential for cost and performance optimisation.

In cooperation with you, we are constantly developing our product and aligning it to your needs. With us, you have a reliable partner at your side.

How Aristoteles works


Our IoT connectivity collects all relevant information from your entire asset network and brings it together in one harmonised data storage.


An intuitive UI presents technical, meteorological, market and financial data at a glance.


Data is analysed with cutting-edge solutions using predictive analytics and machine learning. This enables simulations that create real added value.



Get a deep awareness of your portfolio's performance. Identify potential challenges in an immediate state and take instant countermeasures when needed.


Unlock performance potentials of your investment! High-quality data lets you maximise energy output and minimise downtime.


Access the data you need, when you need it, to secure long-term success for your renewable energy asset.

Expertise you can rely on

Trust our talented network of industry experts to protect your portfolio.


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